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John Suddrey

About us


I am English and currently ministering in many nations. I was ordained as Pastor, Evangelist, and Missionary at Oasis Christian Fellowship in November 2015, as an inter-denomination ambassador for Christ.  I have been a Christian since June 1984.

I have 3 sons and 1 daughter, and 6 grandchildren.

I have been operating as a missionary since 2014, welcomed by many leaders in a variety of denominations to lead teaching and training for their leaders to lead crusades, preaching the kingdom of God, and making disciples of many.

During these ministries many have invited Jesus into their lives, many healed, including blind, deaf and dumb, lame, and people with paralysis, mental sicknesses, and marriage and relationships healed by the power and annointing of the Holy Spirit.

I am commissioned to wake the church up, to transform nations, as part of the ministry which requires good and close relationships with ministers.

I have a business background, and I include this in my ministry to help develop businesses to support the church and nations.  For more details about this, please contact me.

I am Welsh, and have lived in Cardiff all my life, until I married John and moved to live with him.

I have 2 children, a son and a daughter, and 1 grandson.

I worked for HM Revenue & Customs (previously Inland Revenue) for nearly 38 years before taking early retirement in March 2018.

I became a Christian in 1976 and was baptised in water in May 1977, but it wasn't until 2016 that I was baptised in the Holy Spirit.

Pam Suddrey
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