What can nullify the word of God - 28/03/2018
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Love came down

Since the beginning of time evil had prevailed on earth and darkness beheld the hearts then suddenly


New wine

To the church:  It is time to clean the inside of the cup.  Much of the church shows outwards signs, but is very shallow, and the Lord is calling His church to reveal Himself.  In Matthews 23 verse 26 it says this - Jesus is speakig to the religious leaders: First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and the outside will also then be clean.  New wine will be put into new wine skin, which is clean.  


Blessed are the peace makers for they are called sons of God. Love rights all wrongs.

Possess your identity

Many do not realise what happened when they received Jesus in their lives.  He made you more like Him, and gave you a new identity. Most of us dont understand this, but understanding will make a huge difference to your life.

Let go, let God

In a world of control where we seem so influenced by making choices and decisions it is very hard to be truly free in our spirit.

Yet we can be. Freedom came at a price of Jesus death on the cross.

Simply we have a decision to make do we truly fully completely trust God with our lives. Thats what he wants us to do. He is a Father that really cares and wants you and I to enjoy fullness of life to walk in freedom and trust him for our lives.

Blood of Jesus

Do you understand the Power that is in the Blood that was shed for us by Jesus. Enjoy this broadcast and give me your feedback

source of life from living water

We all know what it is like to thirst for real water, but do you know you have a spirit within you that is longing for pure living water the source of which only comes from God.


Why is the church seen as weak? Many always seek to blame leaders and others but when we met with God through Jesus we were all given the task of being a leader and given responsibilty.

Our faith is personal and individually we have responsibilty for our own choices and whether we act in obedience to Gods call on our lives.

Winter is past

Many of us go through really difficult tough times. We dont always know the reason. The assurance I can give it is for a season only. God has put a time limit on all seasons.

I love to think the best is yet to come when ever you go through trials realise it is always to help you grow.

Taste and see that the Lord is good (A song of praise for God's favour)

Isaiah 25: 5, 6 & 7 heat in a dry land.  You subdue the uproar of foreigners.  As the shade of a cloud cools the heat of the day, so the song of the ruthless is silenced.  On this mountain the Lord of Hosts will prepare a banquet for all the peoples. a feast of aged wine, of choice meat, of finely aged wine.  On this mountain He will swallow up the shroud that enfolds all the peoples, the sheet that covers all the nations...

You are not alone

Gen 3 v 2 v 18 It is not good for man to dwell alone.

Jesus sent His disciples out in two's Matthew 10 v 16 Behold I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves.

Acts 1 v 14 They all were together in one place

Power of being together Acts 4 v 31 to 33 Great power came as a result of unity and being together.

2 Chronicles 5 v 13 to 14 Such was the presence of God the Priests were unable to stand because the Glory of the Lord filled that place.

Shepherd & the supernatural

Jesus said my sheep will know my voice. He provides much more than a voice, he equips His sheep with the supernatural.


Do you realise that Father God has a birthrite for you. His purpose always is to bless

Where is your final destination? Where is your journey leading you?


Giving mercy - it's a gift

What can nullify the word of God

A defeatist or victorious?

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