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Through the power and Dynamics of prayer. Lead by Holy Spirit following time at School of Prophets in USA to connect with a new friend in Tanzania Africa.

Bishop John Oscar Ongere.


Through John I was invited to Africa to preach. In Tanzania flew into Dar es Salaam then onto Mbeya. The enemy prior to this and on this journey tried to stop this physically and spiritually.


On this visit was in Africa 25 days with 20 days of preaching the remainder travelling.


I spoke 30 times in 20 days under the anointing of Holy Spirit. The Lord changed the preach 29 times out of the 30.


Mbeya Calvary Pentecostal church first stop then onto many remote villages for a week preaching.


Many came into salvation many healed and much demonic activity and many delivered

Went onto Milawi worked with Pastor David for a weekend. Again salvation healing and deliverance came with the preaching of the word.



From Milawi a 3 day bus ride to Rwanda where we had a powerful 10 days of ministry with signs and wonders following the word many into salvation healed and delivered.


Back to Mbeya for a leaders conference which was really powerful.


A lot of enemy held territory was delivered into the hands of Gods people. Witch craft was defeated but more to do!


This was first ministry trip. All meetings were held in Church. It was powerful successful with Revelation in particular for Gods words for His daughters. A ministerial direction still applies today and those who want to know to write to me.


On this trip I was to meet the Vice Chairman of the opposition ruling party. That day the Lord woke me early and I imparted to him 10 points of matters  for the mandate for election and eventual Government.





A longer trip of 40 days 


This was a different journey from previous less signs and wonders and greater emphasis on the word of God and teaching


Preached in Mbeya and Mwanza in Tanzania.. These messages were tough for the church but many recommitted their lives to God many delivered from the demonic that had squandered much of their lives.

Dealt with idolatry. In the prayer mountain village way out in the jungle they gave me a new name Upendo and made me an honorary citizen of their village.


14 hour bus journey to Uganda to Kampala via Lake Victoria driven by a demoniac. Huh. Nicknamed the second Bonke as I preached powerful messages in open air crusades. Healing deliverance were plentiful.

as was salvation. Worked with Bishop James Ogwale a lovely man who introduced other denominations and began a process of unity in the various churches. Teaching leaders. A real powerful time.


Now for Rwanda flying from En Tebbe . An interesting challenge for John Oscar and the need to have a yellow fever innoculation before boarding our Rwanda air flight to Kigali in Rwanda.


Met many new ministers but our main contact is Bishop Assumani (renamed Joshua) he did all our arrangements preached in lovely churches in the city. We had an amazing time. Pastor Eric taken ill but we went too the hospital declared the devil a liar he was healed and sent home. Not before he told me all about me. God appeared to Pastor Eric in a dream before meeting me, and God told him all about me and my painful journey. Good to hear that from someone who did not know me. We had many leaders conferences as well as church services.


I prophesied and declared that the valley immediately adjoinging Melta Christian Church would now be called the Valley of Decision.  This was relevant to the ministry of the Lords call to a deeper relationship with the whole church, where they all committed themselves to obedience and to follow the will and the plan of the Lord for the church and for them individually.  Also, many came into salvation for the first time.


Flight then from Kigali to Bujumbura in Burundi.


A great week of teaching and ministry again many delivered and healed and many committed their loves to Jesus.


Back to Mbeya in Tanzanier a leaders conference base on 'who said you are a pastor?'. Then the difference in 'prayer  and declaration'.


Onwards to Dar Es Salaam for the weekend and preaching conference for 2 days.


Summary: a powerful journey, I am still learning.





Dar Es Salaam visits to Government leaders who were keen for us to provide a forum to help change the business operation of the Nation. This has connected us with many minister in the Government and I have become a Consultant to Government Business and Church body.


A  programme this year includes operating a trade invest Conference in Dar Es Salaam in November this year in partnership with private sector and Government.


I have already had 4 trips to Tanzania this year and will be here again in October to November.


Also working with the church and the government to call for a national day of prayer. In addition have been invited to speak in Parliament as well as pray in State House.


Church work here continues to grow with hunger for the powerful word of God and invitations to carry out major leadership seminars for maturing leaders and growing ministry. The call is to multiply the church nationally.


Preached recently in an island off Dar Es Salaam, and a large Church lead by Pastor Alex Massawe, an apostle Golgotha pentecostal church part of the Calvary Pentecostal churches of Tanzanier.


Funding is a big issue. I receive none. I get very occasional donations. These missions are extremely fruitful but the cost of flying, accommodation and food, and use of translators is very expensive.


I am having now to teach the church about sowing and reaping in terms of their finance, and time, as well as skills and gifts. 


Since the last visit many more denominational doors have opened to me.  There has been a significant increase in the potential of the ministry, so much so, I am developing a network team to operate together under Christ's Fire.


Late August - visit to Dar Es Salaam, Mwonza and Rwanda.

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