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I first met John Suddrey via telephone in or around November 2016.  At this time, I was thinking about making my first missionary tri to Africa, and God happen to pass John in my path.  This was very fortuitous for me, not only was I looking for someone with knowledge and experience in Africa but more importantly someone who was also a spiritual guide.  
God put it on my heart to come, at John’s invitation, to visit him in Portugal. This I did with delight and eagerness.  So I flew from USA to Portugal and spent several marvelous days with John.
John was so transparent with his life and his journey, as well as I and we became immediate friends.  This was a relationship that was designed by God because I have absolute respect and trust in John.  He is not only prophetic, but he also is my mentor.
John decided to join me in my first trip to Tanzania, and as a result God open many new doors to other spiritual people in Africa.  My team of 5 Americans were overfed on food and the spirit.   My ministry disciples to football coaches in the developing world, and I fully expected all of my effort 100% on the coaches.  I did not expect to be fed the way I was by John and others.  John supported not only participated with my training event, but he spiritually served each of my team members.    Because of John’s efforts, I realized how significant the prophetic and spiritual aspects of my ministry are.
I greatly love and appreciate John’s heart and love for Christ and his people.   John is and will always be my dear friend.

Bob Allen

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