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Ministry purpose.


1. Preach the Gospel of Salvation and heal the sick and make disciples.
2. Awaken the body of Christ with the fire of Holy Spirit
3 .Prepare the Bride of Christ through unity of the true body of Christ


To glorify God in all we do and to listen to His purpose His plan His will and implement and encourage others to take the initiative.

Plan to reach and work with as many churches as possible throughout the nations. To seek labourers to work together with one purpose.
To have a Godly strategy working with the Government's where possible to bring transformation and the church.
For the work of God to be funded by the churches and implement the strategy.
To advise on implementation of Godly institutions internationally
To bring together leaders both male and female to provide the necessary skills in leadership and facilitate coaching,
19/06/2017, 20:51:26: John Suddrey: Pakistan.

We are working together with a number different denominations some large and some small churches.
Clearly many of the churches have financial needs but it is not this ministry purpose to meet them.
Teaching includes adopting the word of God and applying it to the corporate church and the many diverse members of the body.
So far we have worked in Karachi, Sheckleboro, Faisalbad. Rwalpindi and Lahore.
We have an online Bible college which is on hold due to lack of available facilities and funds within Pakistan.

In our crusades many have:

  • come to salvation and added to the Kingdom of God.

  • been healed with the blind seeing,

  • the paralysed restored to fully working limbs,

  • deaf hearing

  • those who could not speak, speak.

  • Marriages restored.

  • Many delivered from the demonic.

  • Those with sickness of all kinds Typhoid, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis wasting diseases healed.

Importantly many thought they were saved, but it was head knowledge and Christ had not been birthed in their heart. This was exposed and many entered into a true relationship with Jesus and are now adopted into the family of God
Exposure Jesus said the poor will be with you always.

But there is a difference between poor living frugally and poverty which is a death sentence to many. Starvation and supseptible to disease.
This not right in any society and collectively we all have a responsibility to drive it out and declare it void

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