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The things that destroy a church and it's leaders.

I share these things as a warning to churches everywhere .  I recommend you read Psalm 91 - Living under the shadow of Shadai.

From my experience there are many deeply scarred and wounded leaders and as a result many of the congregation. Broken churches create broken lives. Many then become estranged from Church the weak become vulnerable to the enemy picking them off:

  • Disloyalty

  • Jealousy

  • Demonic strongholds

  • Fighting cocks within leadership Disunity

  • Theological overkill or false teaching.

  • Idolatry

  • Poor Doctrine

  • Apathy

  • Religion

  • Heavy shepherding

  • Lack of effective discipleship

  • Operating without Holy Spirit

  • Jesus missing from the fellowship.

  • Controlling

  • Superiority

End times?


I don't know when Jesus is coming again, but it is clear that the manipulation of this world is seen all around us:

Weather control manipulation 

Wars manipulation 

Famine manipulation 

Science manipulation 

Energy manipulation 

Religion manipulation 

Economic manipulation 

Disease and health manipulation 

Government manipulation 

World order

Food manipulation 

Animal manipulation 

Human manipulation 

Water and oceans manipulation 

Genetic manipulation 

Industrial manipulation 

Am I being ridiculous, or is this what I observe with clear vision, and maybe some through revelation?


Be warned, a time is coming when it may be too late to make a decision to be a follower of Christ. 

Many think that what I am saying is manipulation, but I believe in my creator God.

Have 5 trumpets already been sounded? see Revelation 9.
6th trumpet - is that near? Now closing in on the middle east. 

Don't forget the final chapter indicates a period of peace. Do not be deceived.

The one who keeps you from the truth, your salvation, and your purpose is Satan 

Are you blind, can't you see? Stop walking in the dark. Stop trusting in intellect.  See what that does: it manipulates.


For God so loved you that he gave you the truth, Jesus.

Be warned.  Why, because as God loves you so do I.

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